The 'Art' of Project Management

For someone 'in the business', the management of a multiple room project comes with many unique challenges, attempting this as a homeowner can be utterly daunting - we understand.

The images here show a recently completed, multiple room, project in the North East of England which included the design, manufacture and installation of furniture and fittings for several rooms, fully project managed from initial briefing to successful hand-over.

Management is not simply a case of 'timetabling' activities; the project team will always include multiple, often overlapping trades, with varying priorities and preferences, not to mention the 'human' aspect of the characters and personalities involved. Discussing the right issues (in the right way) at the right time among the project team is vital. Forging links in the right way will pay dividends longterm; time and monetary savings can actually be made with successful communication.

I believe that project management is less about 'management' and more about teamwork.

Following the completion of this project, two further projects have been commissioned, both involve a significant project management commitment and are nearing successful completion, hopefully images will be available soon.